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Obviously, the problem here is not that he is a guy who sometimes finds other women hot.As you say, "guys all look at other girls." That's fine.Chronic headaches can be a symptom of a more serious problem.As with any medical concern, err on the side of caution.

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" survey found that only 57 percent of women said they orgasm most of the time. He's not doing anything wrong — and he's lucky to have a partner who's being honest about her needs. It's also not unusual to desire more sex than your partner. Most important, you can talk to your boyfriend about what really turns him on: Is there something he wants that he hasn't told you about yet? Now here's the part of the answer that you're not going to like: There's no "right" amount of sex. You're at a frustrating, breaking point right now: the moment when a lot of people give up on their sex lives and muddle on, or develop some passive-aggressive resentment of each other. If you really love this guy and you want to make the relationship work, there's probably a way to make your sex life work too.

It’s the first season of the show produced by Netflix, after two three-episode series and a special produced by Britain’s Channel 4.

In this series, six writers will look at each of the third season’s six episodes to see what they have to say about current culture and projected fears.

But it's disrespectful for him to talk about other girls in front of you or to say to anyone that he wants to fuck someone other than you while the two of you are dating.

Or maybe you tell him you simply don't want to be with a guy who talks about women like that — and that he needs to grow up. Because you have this history, he shouldn't be testing your boundaries.

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