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He later succeeded Lythgoe as the head of the Department of Egyptian Art, and eventually served as director of the Museum.Winlock conducted excavations in the Dynasty 18 mud-brick palace of Amenhotep III at Malqata, near the southern end of the vast Theban necropolis, but his principal work was done at the temples and cemeteries in the area of Deir el-Bahri. The chamber contained a set of 24 painted wooden models of boats, gardens, offering figures, and scenes of food production that are more detailed than any found before or since.Women have traditionally been preoccupied with household tasks and child rearing and have rarely had opportunities for contact with men outside the family.Unlike most traditional Egyptian women, Cleopatra and Nefertiti were among the few who had a major impact as rulers in Egyptian society.The Egyptian Antiquities Service subsequently granted access to other sites as well, among them the important Predynastic cemetery of Hierakonpolis in southern Egypt.

An Egyptian woman was thought to be at the peak of her power when her sons had married because she automatically acquired the control over the newly growing families of her sons.

As children, females were raised to be solely dependent upon their fathers and older brothers.

When women married, they depended on their husbands to make all decisions, while the women themselves were depended upon to carry out household chores.

Cleopatra was known to have ruled with Marc Antony around 31 BC, despite her gender and other social issues, and she was also the Coregent of her two husband-brothers and her son.

Though not many women have acted as rulers in Egyptian society, they have been considered to be equal among men in status as well as legal opportunities.

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