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She’s a triple gold medal winner (9 medals total) and was the first female athlete to receive a perfect score in the Olympic Games. In 2000, she was named one the greatest athletes of the 20th Century by the Laureus World Sports Academy and she is a representative of the International Olympics Committee.Today, she is married to fellow Olympian and gold medalist, Bart Conner.During those two weeks every two years, we follow our top Olympic athletes, just like we follow Serena Williams or Le Bron James every year during their respective seasons (and, of course, during the Olympics too).

We sit and wait for those two weeks every two years, when the whole worlds’ eyes are on sports and who will win the most medals, who will surprise us?

Domonique worked as an athletic coach while she studied to receive a degree in Business Management and wrote an autobiography entitled “Off Balance” that described the pros and cons of being a gymnastics starlet during her tender teenage years.

Summer Sanders is game show icon to the kids of the 90’s generation.

And what do you mean Nastia Liukin won’t make the 2012 Russian gymnastics team?

We’re constantly on our toes waiting to see what will happen in the next Olympics, ready to cheer on our national heroes.

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