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Adult content is acceptable, and Word Press updates are necessary. Some plugins may cause problems, either because they are too resource intensive, or because they have design bugs.Plugins are typically created by users, not the Word Press development team. I am a graphic artist and use windows/adobe cs4 MC.Examples of unacceptable material for all servers (even dedicated): I am setting up an adult site selling videos by downloads and possible streaming and live webcam can you advise me which is the best deal to have please. Also, if your site begins to exceed the resource limits of a shared hosting plan, you will be required to move to a dedicated hosting plan. It would be silly to try moving you to another shared server.

For more information, we recommend reading the Terms of Service section 2. Examples of unacceptable material for shared and reseller: STORING FILES - Our shared servers are not for archiving data, files, videos, mp3's or anything else.

We also strictly forbid illegal activities and programs. If that is true, you can configure a cron job to do that on a shared server.

Hacking does not necessarily include criminal activity, so we mention this separately in our TOS. If you want to store files on your account which visitors will use to update software on other servers, that is fine on a shared server. f) of the TOS: "Shared server users may not participate in any file-sharing/peer-to-peer activities." Also consider section 7.

Anhöriggruppen drivs av personer som själva är anhöriga till HBTQIA-personer.

Syftet med anhöriggruppen är att det skall vara ett stöd för anhöriga till HBTQIA-personer.

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