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- Now, Paradise heads to the department store, follow her as she crutches around shopping for clothes.

She stops to prop her cast up at the coffee shop and tries on some shoes.

But she also gets good grades which makes it difficult to discipline her. With her papers all over the hallway floor The startled teacher lashes out and says "Look what you've done! Kelly uses her crutches to start picking up the papers that have fallen, not only creasing them but dragging them on the dirty floor and handing them to the teacher with the dirty bottom of her crutches.

Of course The teacher takes this as only more disrespect and she makes Kelly pick up the remaining papers... Not only is this difficult with her cast heel but Kelly is still kind of unstable and her exposed toes are cramping trying to wiggle and splay to get the papers between them.

After she is finishes Kelly needs to rest on a chair, but she can't help making a crude remark that the teacher overhears.

Feigning sympathy she asks Kelly to see her cast to check "if it's been damaged", and when poor Kelly props up her leg the teacher grabs her casted foot from the bottom and holds it firmly while she tickles poor Kelly's vulnerable naked sole and and toes, first slowly while Kelly pleads with her not to do this to her vulnerable ticklish toes and then jamming her finger deep inside the front of the cast so she can really tickle her and let Kelly know just how she feels about her.

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This is a *MUST* see clip for foot play and tickle lovers with a great story line and nice closeups of Kelly super wiggly very ticklish toes.

Kelly Term SLWC Clumsy Student's *Extreme* Tickle and Foot Play Punishment Kelly the star soccer player on the school team had an accident last week and she is still getting used to getting around in her leg cast and crutches.

As she turns a corner in the school hallway she slams right into her nemesis history teacher carrying a bunch of test papers. Kelly is the team captain and kind of arrogant, acting up in her class and getting the others to as well.

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