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As I got in the shower, I was just washing myself, rinsing off and was getting ready to jerk off in the shower.

I was standing there with the water over my head, my hand on my dick jerking it, trying to cum; I felt something warm wrap around my dick head.

There was a title for this picture; “could u make one of these?

”When I got a little bit closer to home, my wife wrote me a message, “have to go see my best friend, see you later.

As I tried to close the door to walk back out without her knowing that I just walked in the door, the door squeaked and she jumped up so fast and covered herself, yelling at me.

But since I am not able to hear, I was not able to figure out what she was saying.

At first, she could not come up with anything to say, but to laugh a little because she knew she got caught.

So I asked her if she was okay, she replied, yes I am okay, but u cannot say anything about what u saw today.

I had to promise her that I would not say anything.

As I looked at each one, they were pictures of my mother in law’s body.

As I looked closer to the last picture, it was a cum-filled pussy.

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