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The machines were RD56 works racers, the 251 an overbored 250 with which he could take part in 350cc races.Both machines were fast but reliability somewhat erratic but on their day they would bring home the champer’s.This he kindly agreed to and below is his story which I hope you will enjoy.Back in 1995 I felt like having a go at building another competition bike having a few years earlier put together a pre-65 trials Tiger Cub using a Bantam frame and an engine from 1959/60 Cub.David and I became friends recently through business, he is a very talented carpenter and its his attention to detail in his craft that most impressed me, however it soon came to light that he too shared a love of two wheels and I was invited me to view a project he had been working on.

The frame is painted with Hammerite smooth black and looks very like the stove enamel on the YZ623.

Mirror Glaze 7" Foam Polishing Pad The Yellow pad can remove minor surface defects while restoring gloss.

This pad can be used with most cleaner/polishes and is best used with cleaner/waxes like Meguiar's Paint Reconditioning Cream and Meguiar's No. Mirror Glaze 7" Foam Finishing Pad The Black pad is for removing light swirls and can create a high-gloss finish.

The recess in the back of the pad fits perfectly on a 6" backing plate for easy centering, and a lip around the edge for pad provides protection for the edge of the backing plate.

These pads provide:* Reduced chatter resulting in easy buffing* High-tech laminate backing for durability and for machine washing* Recessed backing for easy plate centering* Easy attachment with hook & loop to a 6" Flexible Backing Plate Mirror Glaze 7" Foam Cutting Pad This Purple pad is designed to cut when using a compound to remove moderate paint defects.

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