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As far as I've seen, this isn't the case in The Netherlands in general.

Women have fought long and hard to be treated fairly in all aspects of Dutch life and it seems to have made its way down to the dating scene; "Going Dutch" was started here.

Here's the reason this Bajan will never date a Dutch man: I'm not expecting Prince Charming to come and sweep me off of my feet, nor do I expect women to be treated as subordinates or anything ridiculous like that but there's a part of me that has a soft spot for the guy who opens doors, offers his seat and even treats a girl to a nice meal.

He can be charming as well as respectful, with an understanding of how to treat a lady.

I can already hear my Mum telling me to "never say never" but since living in Amsterdam I've come to the conclusion that Dutch men just aren't my thing.

I do have male Dutch friends and I think they're great; they're just not someone I will ever date.

Seems fair but it's very different from what I'm used to.

Money issues aside, it still bothers me that men here seem to treat girls as friends and then as their 'chicky' - there's no period of courting in between.

We Vikings like to have a reason for most of the things that happen in our lives.

A sudden change of plans or emotion is something that sets our minds at work and we need to find an answer to the “Why”?

Don’t see this as a mandatory justification, just know you Bulgarian ladies can be very confusing for us…

The average Dutch guy who I know is tall, athletic, with longish hair and a pretty laid back attitude.

Great fun to hang out with, not so much fun to have as your boyfriend as far as I'm concerned.

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