Dating in college is not a good idea

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If you’re looking for real talk about sex, dating, and love in college, look no further.

Here’s the perception and reality of dating in college.

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You start with some flirty messages, and the next thing you know, you’re sending nudes and suggestive texts. Reality: College guys are selfish and ignorant, while the girls are clumsy and awkward. They are all still just students, albeit older ones.So much pressure is put on that first kiss, and you want to see fireworks like you’ve always heard.Reality: You don’t realize how bad college students are at kissing until you kiss them. Unfortunately, they’ll still try too hard to replicate what they’ve seen in the media and on the Internet.Lifehack's mission is to help you make enormous gains with the limited time you have.With the insights we provide, your seconds can be worth hours, and days can be worth years in value.

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