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Multiple-entry visas can be issued to business travelers, etc.

The period of validity of these visas is from one to five years, and these visas can be used any number of times during their period of validity.

to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English.Amsterdam has one Japanese-medium day school, The Japanese School of Amsterdam. The Saturday Japanese supplementary schools in the Netherlands include Japanese Saturday School Amsterdam, Den Haag-Rotterdam Japanese Saturday School in Rotterdam, Stichting the Japanese School of Tilburg, and Stichting Maastricht Japanese Supplementary School.The Maastricht school was founded in 1992 as an outgrowth of the Joppenhoff International School.After the forcible opening of Japan by Commodore Perry in 1854 it was decided to modernise the Japanese fleet.To do this orders were placed for modern steam powered warships.

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