Dating problem cryptography

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Homework develops these skills, while homework and exams permit assessment of whether students can bridge the formal and interpretive divide.

Students are assessed based on their homework, exams, and project, these encompassing both a technical and situational understanding of the area.

You could do this painfully on Google Scholar, perhaps.

Or you could put your faith in the abominable and apparently wholly made-up U. News rankings, as many academics (unfortunately) do.

Alternatively, you could actually collect some data about what scientists are publishing, and work with that. And that worries me, because the approach of CSRankings seems a bit arbitrary. You see, people in our field take rankings very seriously. And this is before we consider the real impact on salaries, promotions, and awards of rankings (individual and institutional).

This is the approach of a new site called “Computer Science Rankings”. At the same time, it provides researchers and administrators with something they love: another way to compare themselves, and to compare different institutions. I know folks who have moved their families to the other side of the country over a two-point ranking difference in the U. People optimize their careers and publications to maximize these stats, not because they’re bad people, but because they’re (mostly) and that’s what rankings inspire rational people do.

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