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Some of these settings may require you to zone before they take effect.The default settings are the optimal settings for your graphics cards.It would also be nice if it searched the comment/descriptions of POI's.I like what the search function could potentially do, but for a lot of things I've tried to find, it's just not there yet.If I'm looking for Ghizzleshwizzleflatulator, I should be able to just type in Ghizzle to get a hit.My experience so far is that it also only checks the label.Many times our computers need a fresh start at calculating system memory usage.

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When logged into Ever Quest, you have the option of adjusting some graphics settings via the Display tab under Options Window (Ctrl O).

When you leave your computer on for extended periods of time or for long periods without rebooting it may not perform as well as it should.

Reboot your computer if you start to notice graphic or performance problems.

It will automatically detect how much memory your computer has and recommend models settings.

The Wood Elf is required if you wish to display any of the Elf higher quality model and the Human is required if you wish to display the Erudite.

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