Japan ero chat online

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"This investigation method has a high risk of violating privacy because most chat conversations involve people sharing personal information," said Amara Pongsapich, chairwoman of the Office of the National Human Rights of Thailand.

"It is similar to telephone tapping and if it has to be implemented, the inspection framework must be clear and people's rights must be taken into consideration." Plus, it's not clear whether Thai police can even request information without a court order, according to Surangkana Wayuparb, the director of the government's Electronic Transaction Development Agency (ETDA).

Last week, the police questioned four people for spreading rumors of a coup on Facebook, and Pisit threatened to charge anyone who "likes" Facebook posts.

He backpedaled on that threat, but still encouraged netizens not to spread false rumors through Facebook.

Line isn't the only service that Thai authorities are concerned about. Pisit told the paper that a team of police officers travelled to Japan to meet with Line developers and collected information about suspected offenders. The details of the information the Thai police obtained from Line is unclear, as are their plans for future collaboration.

They also met with Line operator Naver in South Korea, where some of the app's servers are located. Pisit said they will send requests for information to Line on a case-by-case basis.

The best part is that you can be as picky as you want, without hurting their sensitive feelings.

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