Love contracts for workplace dating

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We all spend so much time at work and are often attracted to people who share common interests; it only makes sense that one of these very friendly co-workers is going to eventually jump to the top of your dating to-do list.When approached properly, workplace dating can benefit organizations by increasing the Engagement levels of those involved.But is adding a bit of excitement to your work life worth the risk?This article looks beyond the first heady weeks of office romance and gets down the nitty gritty.Between get-togethers every Friday after work with alcohol, food, and possibly music (which leads to dancing) and the softball and volleyball teams, barbeques and pot lucks, there are plenty of opportunities for employees to enjoy each other’s company.

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Better to structure the verbiage around an existing phenomenon than try to ban it entirely, which only adds guilt to the equation.But I can’t imagine that adapting laws will do much more than serve a few litigious individuals and ensure compliance to state or local standards.People have incentive to fall back on these laws, but not to follow them.Co-workers are more likely to fall for each other for the following reasons: In effect, dating brings human emotions back into the cubicles of the corporate environment.As the shifting generational groups impact workplace cultures, HR Solutions’ 2009 National Normative data also confirms a rise in employees seeking a work/life balance with 59 percent of workers sharing that their organizations truly support balancing work and personal life, up from 57 percent the previous year.

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