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The Fedora "out of box" setup for mythweb in F12 isn't working.I've pasted my /etc/httpd/conf.d/file to and the output of locate mythweb to I've read the INSTALL and README and spent time here earlier tonight to no avail so far.bubba_: The issue is that the video's in Myth Video do not have reference numbers, Try rerunning kamu with the -MGV options and Jamu will guess at the right movies then run with the -MIV options to interactively select the movies that jamu could not guess at.bubba_, that would make sense, but why suddenly after last update-manager update/upgrade and then disable of nvidia 185 and enable of nvidia 195, is ther enow no backend or frontend starting up and conctrol center complains about dependencies ?

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Dagmar: I mean you could never play a video console on a feed that goes through a TV tuner if it uses the MPEG encoder.

Movie player launches but then does play the video I can still skip through the video like stills. gbee: tried to look a little closer and seems to be a full-on code debugging exercise. I don't understand what I looking at.justinh: I am looking which gbee pointed me to and the one ivor just sent this pages are confusing to me.

I wouldn't know what I am doing and that can't be a good thing, actually not that know now but I am trying to learn, those pages are intimidating.

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I'm currently having trouble getting my new hvr 1300 to work...

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