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I also figured out that if you want to broaden and tackle the issue of race relations with jokes, I guess it’s not bad to have an academic foundation in race relations.Iran has a dress code for women, and rules about conduct in public are strict.Then we had Mexicans to worry about, gotta save some hate for them. I was prepared to change my name to “Tyler Perry Presents Negin Farsad.” I was ready to fight for black causes whenever and wherever!

People needed to know that secular, fun Muslims who smell nice are the norm—more the norm than the dusty brown people we were seeing on television.I felt so totally committed, so totally in the thick of blackness. Post 9/11, mainstream American media was all about creating the following critical associations: But it’s not like Muslims were so totally adored before 9/11.That struggle didn’t include any Iranians, but at the time I thought: “close enough.” That’s what a lot of hyphenated Americans say to themselves when they glom onto the larger minority groups: “close enough.” But I should note that I went to grad school in the aftermath of 9/11. When my parents moved to Virginia during the Iran Hostage Crisis, my brother would get beaten up in school for being Iranian. But 9/11 changed the national discourse by giving America a brand-new enemy.In April, the government shut down a women's magazine for dedicating a special report to cohabitation, a practice commonly referred to as "white marriage." A Washington Post journalist detained for almost six months in Iran has been indicted on unspecified charges, the country’s official news agency said Wednesday.The case against Jason Rezaian, the Post’s Tehran bureau chief, is in the hands of the Revolutionary Court, reported the Islamic Republic...

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