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For Rory, it means stopping coasting along through life and jobs and relationships and slowing down long enough to figure out what it is she wants. Lorelai has spent her whole life hiding what she really feels after growing up in Richard and Emily’s house, and it’s destroyed her relationships before.

Rory has had one opportunity after another handed to her over the years, allowing her to succeed with little effort.

They both need to rewire how they think about their lives, or they’ll be stuck living in that house together, trying to hang on to something that’s gone.

Lorelai won’t say anything, both of them treat it as a competition rather than a form of treatment.

I guess that’s what you get for making Wookie (sorry, had to).

We’ll see what some time home -- and time together -- does for our girls.

When she expresses concern that the Dragonfly is not grand enough to keep Michelle onboard, Luke reacts almost violently to the suggestion that it should become more than just a 10-room country inn.

There’s no discussion, no expansion on the subject.

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