Sheamus and maryse dating

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" Sami asked meekly."He is being removed from that title.Joe will take it in a live event this week and that's that," Hunter said, "If he wasn't the biggest draw in NXT he'd have been fired for this on the spot." squealed Miz, "Oh fuck..won't ever touch my ass in sex Nicky.""Course she won't bro..chicks don't finger dudes.""Oh NICKY...""Don't worry bro, you'll get what you need in a sec, buddy," assured Dolph, removing his fingers and spitting on his hand some more to coat his cock.He took aim and pushed into Miz's chunky round ass.

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" Miz whined in desperate gratitude, "No romantic shit, just fuck me.""Feel good bro? Miz just nodded gratefully, clenching his hole tight and savouring the inches inside him. He couldn't even get dildo time on the road to satisfy his needs. And the camera panned up to show Finn's sated face."I really did not need to see that," Sami sighed."If Triple H finds out..." Cody groaned."Oh JEEZ!They perched on the small couch."I should fire all three of you right now for this shit," he snarled, bearing down on them from the coffee table, "Thankfully, I have managed to order Barrett to take down his tweets.But a lot of money is going to have to exchange hands now to prevent any of those motherfucking dirtsheets from leaking this.""Excuse me," Cody said, folding his arms, "But it's not our problem Barrett wants to act a mess.""Backchat me again Runnels and your ass won't touch the ground," barked the Game."You can't fire me! ""Your name means jack shit to Vince right now," snapped Hunter, "For this, say goodbye to any wins in the near future.""Whatever," Cody folded his arms."As for you Zayn, you are lucky you and Owens are enough of a draw to keep you on the Payback card," Hunter hissed at the redhead before finally rounding on a red-faced Karl, "Anderson. Well your little boyfriend will not be debuting next week as planned.""What about Fergal, boss? But out of old-school wrestling respect and locker room etiquette, the Southerner had to tolerate it even if it made him extremely uncomfortable."Miz do you ever walk about in normal clothes? Miz ignored him and stomped over to the corner, having spotted Zack Ryder, and, to his delight, Dolph Ziggler. When he wasn't plotting with Corey on the latest take-down-Rhodes plan or being the model husband to Maryse, he still hung with his boys."Sup bro, lost your clothes again? Miz padded down the corridor back towards the locker room. Cesaro and Sheamus being openly gay..was just wrong.

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