Teenage dating advice for boys

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The music they listen to is full of codependent messages with variations on the theme, “I can’t live without you.”The truth is that they live without someone else.

We are misled in our society to think there is only one person out there for us, only one soul mate — only one great love.

This will help them remember what they have to live for when they get hurt.

While avoiding unnecessary pain is a trait of wisdom, being afraid of pain can be paralyzing.

Help your children identify their many good qualities, talents and strengths.

The first thing you must be sure about is your appearance.

Gentlemen, try not to: Teens are under a lot of pressure these days to follow the crowd and keep up the pace with their friends.

If everyone is dating and you aren’t but you want to, don’t jump at the chance to go out with just anyone.

Even more important than trying to avoid pain is helping our sons and daughters (and ourselves) to know that they are strong, capable, and powerful — and that they can overcome hurt.

What breaks my heart is to hear young women and men think that their lives are over when someone breaks up with them or doesn’t love them in return.

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