Updating kitchen counter tops

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We’re also adding larger crown molding which should add more of a formal feel to the room. His first chore is prepping the cabinets for paint. Steve Steele: Because, it’s according to how much varnish is left on here, but if it’s not a lot, 220 is fine. Now we’ve got everything laid out here that you need to help transform the look of your countertop. Shea Pettaway: Oh, we have the diamond tool sander that’s going to start the prepping on the countertop.

They know they’ll spend a lot of time there and so they want to find a house with a kitchen that they like – one they’re not going to have to spend money on in the near future to remodel.

Replacing the old wood paneling with drywall is next on the list, followed by finishing the dry wall, and patching the holes left behind by the electricians. Steve Steele: And get all the dust off of them, because you can see they’re real dusty. Danny Lipford: So you’re going to prime it before that? Jodi Marks: No, this is not a flour sifter, nor is it a fertilizer broadcaster. Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations has made a kit to create natural stone look.

Allen Lyle: All right, so, Joe, we’re getting ready to modify this cabinet. Joe Denson: We’re just going to cut it on three points. Joe Denson: Lift the shelf up, re-pin everything back together, put cleats on the walls, and cut the plywood out of the back. Then there’s a little work to be done in the walls to add switching for the new fixtures. And it’ll allow that to stick a little better, too. While this transformation continues, let’s check in with Jodi at the Home Depot for this week’s Best New Product.

The lighting was pretty basic and not very functional for a work space. So, we thought that the boxes themselves were pretty good. And being able to buy the doors, have them shop painted, and then us painting the boxes out here, it’s going to look like a new cabinet. David Harris: And Lori wanted concealed hinges, too. The templates for the new granite countertops have been made, so the stone can be cut.

The vinyl floor that dominated these homes was functional but not very attractive. And the cabinets have been updated with a fresh coat of paint and brand new doors.

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