Updating with rpm

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AIX-rpm is a "virtual" package which reflects what has been installed on the system by installp.

It is created by the /usr/sbin/updtvpkg script when the is installed, and can be run anytime the administrator chooses (usually after installing something with installp that is required to satisfy some dependency by an RPM package).

#yum --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=dell-system-update_dependent upgrade #zypper mr -da; zypper mr -e "dell-system-update_dependent" ; zypper update; zypper mr -ea; Note:-To update from local repository (custom), use the OMSA repository name instead of dell-system-update_dependent in the commands.

updating with rpm-21

updating with rpm-37

2) Support for Ubuntu is pre-enabled only on 12th and 13th generation of Power Edge systems.Note: A Bootable DSU ISO can be made using the Windows version of DSU.The Bootable DSU ISO will include a Linux kernel, when creating use a catalog that has Linux updates using #dsu –catalog-location=     To provide the path of the output XML file generated by the Inventory Collector dsu --preview     Displays a preview of the updated system inventory post commit. To install OMSA using this repository, use the following commands: #yum install srvadmin-all #zypper install srvadmin-all OMSA services should be manually started after installing/upgrading OMSA using DSU repository To upgrade OMSA using this repository, where an OMSA version is already installed in the system, use the following commands.Another error can happen when upgrading multiple packages, imagine you got two packages with different versions but of the and these packages are used with the Freshen option as showed above. And don't forget to read the Test/Simulating option and Kernel upgrade notes.If Pydio was installed via deb or rpm, you can not use built-in update function of Pydio.

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