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"At the beginning of a race you want to take short steps in order to accelerate, [but Bolt is] so tall he can't do that." advantageous, though, once he builds momentum.

clocks the runner's financial haul at around .5 million -- but more than 90% of that comes from endorsements.

"I could tell that it wasn't the road for me to go down. He has also played a reggae set in Paris and led a sing-along to Kings of Leon's "Sex on Fire" in Munich.

First of all because Pops would have stabbed me in the neck if ever he'd caught me fooling around like Bob Marley, and secondly because I could tell the stuff would make me seriously lazy." That didn't stop some California dispensaries from naming product after him in 2012, though: "Usain Bolt OG," or U. If he snatches up more hardware in Rio, keep your eyes peeled for repeat behavior.

He found salvation in chicken nuggets, averaging about 100 nuggets per day during his 10 days there.

Despite all the junk food, he still won three gold medals -- and a little later, an offer from Shutl for a lifetime's supply of his new favorite food -- so it shouldn't be shocking that he still falls back on nuggets when he's in a place with an unfamiliar cuisine. "The moment Pop's bike came rumbling home, Brownie's ears would prick up long before anyone else could hear a noise.

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