Who is sam talbot dating

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Brownstein says that when she puts on the outfits picked for her by the show’s costume designer, Amanda Needham, she feels as if she were “borrowing clothes from someone’s closet.” Needham, who told me that she shops for the “Portlandia” characters year-round, as if they were friends, won an Emmy last year for her designs.

But the most palpable affection onscreen is that between Armisen and Brownstein, who have an unusually devoted platonic relationship. When Brownstein showed up, she found him wearing a Sleater-Kinney button with her picture on it.

The group’s first album, released in September, has been widely praised; said that Wild Flag “makes other bands sound like sniffly rookies.” Urban Outfitters sells the record, on vinyl.

” The waitress, who finds this a reasonable question, admits, “I don’t know that I can speak to that level of intimate knowledge about him.”“Portlandia,” which débuted last winter, on the Independent Film Channel, and returns on January 6th, is the rare sketch-comedy series that has a sustained object of satire.

Of course she can, because this is the kind of cool restaurant in Portland, Oregon, where patrons regularly seek elaborate assurances about the virtuousness of their food.

The waitress informs the couple that the place serves only local, free-range, “heritage-breed, woodland-raised chicken that’s been fed a diet of sheep’s milk, soy, and hazelnuts.” But because the diners, Peter and Nance, are characters on “Portlandia”—a television comedy in which precious concerns spin into giddy lunacy—the conversation does not stop there.

Onstage, she projects the primal grandeur of Iggy Pop.

She writhes on the floor, climbs on the kick drum, and windmills her playing arm.

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