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Thus, these eight sites are known as “The Eight Great Places” or Attha-mahathanani.These four sites are Shravasti, Rajgir, Sankassa, and Vaishali.Sanchi is quite popular of its numerous ruins of Stupas, temples and monasteries.But “The Great Stupa” is the main attraction of Sanchi and is believed to be the oldest stone structure in India.The City Kandy was an ancient kingdom during the lifetime of Lord Buddha.The temple of Sacred Tooth is considered quite important since this temple holds the relic of the real tooth of the Lord Buddha.In his Edict XIII he wrote that he had dispatched missionaries to other peoples, in particular to the Kambojas, an Iranian people, and to the Yonas, that is, the Greeks (see ).

The Rabāṭak inscription made in Kaniṣka’s name (Sims-Williams and Cribb, pp.Thus, these important places are deemed most important since these places had experienced some of the great events of Lord Buddha.Thus, four sites are most worthy of pilgrimage of Buddhist followers and Gautama Buddha is said to have identified these four sites most worthy and these sites are called Four Most Important Pilgrimage Sites. But in later Buddhist tradition, other four sites were given a special status since these sites had experienced some certain miracles by Lord Buddha.This Stupa was originally authorized by Emperor Ashoka the Great in the 3rd century BCE.Read more There are numerous pilgrimage Buddhist sites in South East Asia and Eastern Asia.

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