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Being uncharted ground to new users or people who have never bothered to look into it, the term “root” can be somewhat scary. Do you risk turning your phone into a very expensive paperweight?What are the advantages or disadvantages of rooting?A unique benefit over launcher replacements is the ability to theme.

Installing a new recovery, or flashing as it is commonly called, allows you to create backups of your device on your SD card.

If you choose to root, please read instructions carefully.

The most important steps – they're all important – are likely in bold, red, or bold and red font usually followed by exclamation marks. Security is a growing issue in mobile devices, especially since many technologies are moving to mobile space.

For instance, if there is an application that is specific to a carrier or manufacturer, given the proper tweaks by a developer, it can be installed on nearly anything running Android.

There have been home replacement applications in the Market available to non-root users for quite some time.

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