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And Spitzer stood without his family when he gave a brief concession speech after losing the primary.

In contrast, Silda Spitzer stood by her husband in 2008 as he announced he was resigning as governor after being linked to a prostitution scandal.

Some close to Spitzer told the News earlier Tuesday that the revelations he was in a relationship with Smith were putting his wife through unnecessary agony.

"He hasn't humiliated [her] enough, so now he's screwing the press secretary," said one disgusted female press rep who knows Spitzer.

Friends of Smith and many women in the same line of work describe her as hard-working and talented and not someone who should be tainted by who she is dating.

But some also recognized the fact she works for de Blasio and is romantically linked to a former governor who is still legally married made it a legitimate story.

Not shying away: Though the former Governor wore a baseball cap with his suit and tie, they did not to try to hide their faces during the game as their relationship is very much public after they were outed in December This is not the first time that the couple have made an appearance to support the home team, as they were spotted going to a Knicks game last month and following the victory with a drink-filled night at Brother Jimmy's, a bar across the street from Madison Square Garden.

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Smith had worked for the homestretch of the de Blasio campaign and for his transition.But since the news of her relationship with Spitzer broke, she has not appeared at any of de Blasio’s public events.Spitzer and Silda Wall were married in 1987 and have three daughters.Rough call: Smith, 31, has written about how she was surprised by all of the female commentators who had a problem with her dating Spitzer, 54, who infamously had to resign from office after his trysts with prostitutes 'While de Blasio won the mayoral election in a walk, and earned his landslide with a bold platform of taxing the rich to expand pre-K, his heady victory obscured a stubborn fact: The power to decide this issue doesn’t reside in Gracie Mansion.It resides in Albany,' she wrote in the New York Daily News.

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